Nagiichi (ナギイチ) is the fourth single released by FUN48. It was released on TBA in one edition; Digital download.


  1. Nagiichi (ナギイチ) / Senbatsu
  2. Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai (僕たちは戦わない) / Senbatsu
  3. Sakura no Hanabiratachi (桜の花びらたち) / Senbatsu

Participating Members


Senbatsu (8 members) (Kashiwagi Nagisa Center)

Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai

Senbatsu (8 members) (Kitazawa Rena Center)

Sakura no Hanabiratachi

Senbatsu (8 members) (Shiraha Riku Center)

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