Graduation is a term used to refer to a member of FUN48, that leaves their team. The term is used for other idol groups as well. Members usually announce their graduation from the group as a surprise announcement. The date of the member's final appearance is usually decided by Sakura Yuki at a later date.

Graduation Process

Other methods of graduation announcement include (but are not limited to):

  • Announcement at FUN48 events
  • Announcement through social networking sites
  • Official announcement from management (Yamada Yume, Yamamoto Ami)

Reasons for graduation can vary. Common reasons include:

  • Choosing to focus on studies, career, future
  • Personal reasons
  • Age
  • Overwork

The graduation ceremony of members usually consists of a final single or album release. Members often get segments of concerts dedicated to their graduation. A full concert can be also dedicated to and named after the graduating member.

Other Terms


This term cam be used for members who chose to leave the group such as Takashi Hime. It can also be used for kenkyuusei scheduled for promotion who want to leave the group anyway. The term is used for members who wish leave the group without having a final graduation ceremony.


A graduated member can return to the group she graduated from. However, this is usually limited due to the rarity of auditions.


This term is used for members who are forced to leave the group after breaking a rule.

Graduating and Graduated Members of 2017

  • Below is a list of members who graduated or announced their graduation in 2017 (some cases in 2016) specifically.
  • Bolded names denote members who have yet to graduate since their announcement.

Team F

  1. Yamamoto Ami

Team U

  1. Yamada Yume
  2. Kashima Rika (Announced Graduation)

Team N

  1. Sakura Yuki (Announced Graduation)