FUN48 has had 11 original members over 2 generations. As of July, 2017, FUN48 has 8 members.

Regular auditions to recruit new members are held, and the future successful candidates, the Kenkyuusei, take part of a in-training team of members that work as sub and under for the official members. When any of the official members graduate, a girl is promoted to fill the space.

FUN48 Members

  • Bolded means the member is still active in the group.
  • The member's pictures are of members who are still active and are listed in accordance to the alphabetical order of members in each generation.

1st Generation: Announced November, 2016

Members (9): Hayashi Mirei, Kashima Rika, Kashiwagi Nagisa, Kawashima Kana, Kitazawa Rena, Sakura Yuki, Takashi Hime, Yamada Yume, Yamamoto Amina

2nd Generation: Announced May 18, 2017

Members (2): Shiraha Riku, Yamamoto Ami

3rd Generation

  • Auditions have not started

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