The term Center is usually used to describe the main member in a single's senbatsu. The 'center' gets center position in the formation of the members. The term is also used for centers from B-Sides and stage songs.

The 'center' format is not always used in singles, so the center could be shared between two people - known as a WCenter (Double Center) or the single could have no center and fairly distribute the position between different members.

The list below features all songs with a center. Solo songs and duets aren't include.


# Title Center
01 Party ga Hajimaru yo None
02 Boku wa Inai Kashima Rika

Coupling Songs

# Title Center
01 Yaruki Hanabi Sakura Yuki
02 Kimi Shika Kawashima Kana
03 Kakkowarui I love you! Kurosawa Yuka
04 Mae Shika Mukanee Sakura Yuki
05 Tsugi no Season Yamamoto Amina

Team F Songs

# Title Center

Team U Songs

# Title Center

Team N Songs

# Title Center

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